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Weight Loss in a Weekweight loss in a week

Weight loss in a week is possible even for the most stubborn fat. Once the fledglings fly the coop and that middle age spread starts to take over its time to tighten up all those jiggly spots. In fact, you can lose 10 pounds fast, just in time for that wedding, anniversary cruise or class reunion.

There are several key factors to utilize for weight loss in a week and fast weight loss in general. Exercise, reduced food intake and the time you eat are all key factors in the weight loss process. Increasing your activity level, eating less and more nutritious foods at the right times will result in fast weight loss.

Lose Weight in a Week with Exercise

In order to lose 10 pounds fast you have to increase your activity level. Plan out at least 30 minutes of exercise a day for at least a week. Make sure your heart rate is elevated for at least 15 minutes at a time. If you have to, split the 30 minutes of exercise into 15 minute intervals. Brisk walking for weight loss around the block is great. Or even better try jogging. It will really help to burn off the fat. Turn on your favorite exercise show or D

VD. Try picking up the pace when doing household chores. Hang clothes on the line to dry instead of the dryer. Park at the far end of the shopping mall parking lot to get in a few extra steps that can make a bug difference in the long run. Weight loss in a week using exercise really does help.

Weight Loss in a Week with Food

Eat first thing in the morning. Even if you arent a big breakfast eater it is important to get in a big breakfast to lose 10 pounds in a week. Eat something filling like oatmeal and fruit with a slice of toast. Drink lots and lots of water during the day. Mix in a little lemon or citrus for flavor. Its a great idea to keep a chilled pitcher of water in the refrigerator. Fill it with cut oranges, lemons and fruits before you add the water. Lunch and dinner meals should consist of as little as possible. Eat only enough to stop hunger pangs. choose food that are low calorie. Try a salad with no dressing or a squirt of lemon or balsamic vinegar. Weight loss in a week eating the right foods is an attainable goal.

Timing is Everything to Lose Weight in a Week

Under no circumstances should you eat after seven or so in the evening. Plan your meals and snacks for earlier in the evening . After your last meal of the day take a brisk walk or do a 15 minuets of sit ups, crunches or leg lifts. If you have a sweet tooth that you just cant disobey eat them in the early afternoon.

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After the teens and 20s have passed extra weight likes to be stubborn. Eating foods that are filling but low calorie and getting in as much exercise as possible are the key factors. Follow these simple directives and you will be 10 pounds lighter in no time at all. Weight loss in a week is possible, even as much as 10 to 15 lbs.