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Get Healthy Toned Body By Losing Extra Flab In Women

Maintaining a healthy and toned body is the wish of every individual but how many of us actually make the efforts for getting one? In plain terms, getting a beefed up look is easier said than done and requires you to follow a strict diet and fitness regime. The main focus should remain on gaining muscle while getting rid of extra body fat. There are a number of methods available that claim to help you in losing excessive weight but most of them lead to simultaneous muscle loss too. Hence it becomes essential to keep a constant track of your progress once you start a workout session for losing fat. Some basic tips that guide you on how to gain muscle while you lose fat are discussed in the following article.

Switch to a protein rich diet: Proteins are the building blocks of the body. Building muscle requires a lot of protein i.e. 1/2 gram of protein for every pound of lean body weight. Adding protein rich foods to your diet, while reducing fats and carbohydrates helps your body to use the stored fat for energy while retaining the muscle. Lift weights: Lifting weights and workouts can help you burn extra body fat more rapidly. When you strain your muscles during a workout session, you end up burning a lot of calories. It is true that muscles need calories for their growth and preservation.

Make a balanced diet plan: Try to introduce low fat proteins in your diet such a lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs or even vegetables which are slow burning carbohydrates. You may also choose lighter foods like salads which give you the right combination of vegetable proteins. Avoid sugars an starch in your diet if you really want to lose weight. The carbohydrates and saturated fats present in them may not be what you need for a toned body.

Adopt an active lifestyle: Besides hitting the gym, you may even try out simple exercises too for burning those extra calories. You may go for cardio training for losing extra flab in women & also take a brisk walk everyday for half an hour, try out aerobic exercises, go swimming or even try power yoga so that you get a lot of physical activity throughout the day.

Avoid excessive cardio: Keep your cardio training strictly between 30-60 minutes a day. Excessive cardio can take a toll on your muscles straining them out and can hamper your progress towards losing extra flab.

Eat well before and after each workout: Nutritious meals both before and after your workout sessions are linked to increasing your workout capacity, build up muscle endurance and also help the muscles to recover more quickly. By following the above tips, one may ensure that he is proceeding in the right direction towards attaining the goal of gaining a muscled body while shedding the extra body fat. Also remember to drink lots of water throughout the day as it helps you keep you fresh and hydrated.