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Cool Retro Bedroom Furniture Designs

Recent styles in home decor have come to show how much the past can influence the present. Retro furniture, whether it’s designed to look like something from a different era, or something that actually is from a different era, is begin to gain some huge ground in popularity. Because of the huge advancements made in the manufacturing industry, it’s not too difficult to imagine setting up a great new retro room. A great room to consider adding some retro elements to would be your bedroom. Retro bedroom furniture ideas can eventually change the entire look and feel of your entire bedroom. It can transform itself from a dull bedroom, into a vibrant new pad!

A record player is one great way to add a retro look into your bedroom. Crosley Company is one example of a company that manufactures replicas of old record players. These can come with antique woods and even chrome finishing, if that’s what you’re looking for! If you decide on the chrome finish, it will fit in really well with rooms that are meant to remind you of the fifties era. Antique finishes are often reminiscent of the thirties and forties. Luckily, many of these record players come with cd players as well, so it serves a great purpose while looking amazing in your room.

A retro telephone would also be a great addition. You can easily find unique phone designs made specifically to remind you of a different time. There are a few that come with push buttons that are placed around the phone to resemble the rotary phones they had years before. Some come with earpieces manufactured separately from the telephones. If you’re going for a sixties vibe in your room, consider find red lip shaped telephones that are classic sixties in their appeal.

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The last item you should consider for retro bedroom designs would be a classic alarm clock. Many of us have digital alarm clocks in our home. Instead of the digital option, numeric face alarms would be classic old school. They sometimes come with bells attached to them at the ends. They even tick in a classic way. There’s no way you can’t make your room look like a flashback to a different era with these tools.